I am just a Virtual Entity

phantasmata and illusions

This page is about my research and formal studies in science and humanities, connecting art and music to research centers. I am an interdisciplinary artist, writer and researcher. I was born in the outskirts of Milan and my background is in Classical Literature, Latin, ancient Greek and Philosophy. While attending the school of Painting at Accademia di Belle Arti di Bologna, I studied at DAMS (Drama, Art and Music Studies) in Bologna. In 2003 I obtained a Laurea (Summa cum Laude) in Visual Arts at University of Bologna with a specialisation in Semiotics of Audiovisuals (The Animation of Drawings, supervised by Paolo Fabbri).

After that I moved to Amsterdam to make a Stage (Leonardo bursary) at NIMK (Netherlands Media Art Institute), where I then worked as editor and researcher for over four years. In 2008 I received a Grant in Design at Jan van Eyck Academie in Maastricht, where I developed the piece Virtual Entity, a conceptual software for metadata compatibility within the digital domain (advisor: Florian Schneider).

Since 2008 I have also been working on a secret project called The Oracle Machine, a metaphysical software that, drawing on obsessions with uncertainty, oracles, dreams and prophecies, brought about the question of free will, ultimately observing how do humans make decisions as humans and how can machines make decisions for them, whether technology, assuming this role, participates in the supernatural. The piece, entitled "Towards the Oracle Machine. An exploration of decision making processes through the use of software, media divination and other shamanic techniques in realtime audiovisual performance" has been awarded an MPhil in Cultural Studies from Goldsmiths College, under the supervision of Matthew Fuller.

In fall 2011 I have started a four years PhD in Media & Arts Technology at MAT Doctoral Training Center, School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science, funded by Queen Mary University of London and the EPSRC. The final title is Audiovisual performance composition using electromagnetic waves. This interdisciplinary research is supervised by Clive Parini - Antennas & Electromagnetics Group, and Andrew McPherson - Centre for Digital Music.

At Queen Mary I also work with Graham White as teaching assistant in courses such as Computer Systems and Networks and Distributed Systems and Security. Our conversation lingers on a variety of topics including ethics, aesthetics, philosophy and informatics.

Intertwining technology and metaphysics, science and critical theory, my recent work uses perception to generate illuminating questions and enigmatic illusions. Consisting of software, audiovisual performances and interactive installations, it often contains a live element, something that has to happen, yet unpredictable.

Currently interrogating the electromagnetic field, I wonder what it can reveal and tell us about the world. The investigation, exploring electromagnetic sensing systems for expressive touch-less interaction, includes a redefinition of avant-garde (and the idea of the future) in contemporary aesthetics, and a singular aspiration: to expand our understanding of natural forces (reality, matter, waves) by extending human perception (trained via technological means).