Piksel 2008

Abstract code is software whose results can be invisible, a software
implementing different layers of action at the same time.
Abstract code is a connection to parallel worlds, a poetic formula
dealing with outer forces. Code is art, its action is subtile, effective, magic.

procedural text

maledictions, oracles, iambi, hymn, formula,
refrains, hypnotic sentences, prayers, and other.

A night for writers, sorcerers, magicians, bots,
pichadores, psychonauts, sex texters, scientists,
coders, poets and intelligent agents.

Performances, talks, food, music, dance, telepathy!
Catacstrobe - Dec 7th from midnight to dawn.

For remote or local participation,
send your letters, numbers, loops,
scripts, illusions, pranks,
to athanasius@xname.cc
before September 30th 2008.

Piksel 2008 subsection.
December 4-7 2008 Bergen, Norway

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