Piksel 2008

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Software Livre O Muerte!


December 7th from midnight to dawn.

(Uncertain time notation, confusion).

Small changes in certain parameters of a system can cause equilibria to appear or disappear, or to change from attracting to repelling and vice versa.

Performances, talks, food, music, dance, telepathy!

A night for writers, sorcerers, magicians, bots,
pichadores, psychonauts, sex texters, scientists,
coders, poets and intelligent agents.

Local Sphere

Nina Blondich (aka Gaia Novati) in

Does it really c {o} unt ?
Reflections on mind fucking in a dimension of language and sex atrophy.

The virtuality of the aka- as every masks- requires the undressing of the "Ego"
and the perception that the body lives without the body... everywhere
sex is being made, but where is sexuality? Which
pornoscapes are evoked in a world of disembodied identities? Every
sexual act is the beginning of a ritual code written and daily
unchanged, if the body is defined for something else, sex becomes more
a question of mind fucking where words and letters must
recreate themselves, introducing a change in the form and
in the syntax. The space to play on the prOscenium is enlarged:
desires and obsessions are coming out off the mind, the intention to
excite another mind is a loop frantically repeated, and words appeal.

Xname in

A Descent Into the Maelstrom

You suppose me a very old man --but I am not.
I could not see in the vicinity of the vortex and I became possessed with the keenest curiosity... I felt a wish to explore, even at the sacrifice I was going to make, hanging, as if by magic, midway down, upon the interior surface of a funnel. I am streamed in a flood far away down, into the inmost recesses of the abyss. It was not terror, but the dawn of a more exciting hope. Emergency admitted no delay, and precipitated myself into the sea, without another moment's hesitation.

Sister0 (aka Nancy Mauro-Flude) in

Media divination 2.1.2

If you want to have a media divination by sister0, you need take her an object that you have a personal connection to. Then she can reveal your place in the manifold of time... YOu also disclose your name, date of birth and give an image or a personal item with which a semiotic analysis is made. Via an interactive shell a networked database is retrieved, transformed and mined for events in the past, present and future. The textual data processed is the year pages available from the English version of Wikipedia, the popular open publishing on-line encyclopedia. From the point of view of the algorithm it retrieves, transform and mine the textual data. This is employed by a set of well known software installed by default on most of the *nix distributions.

GOTO80 in

It's All in the Table

Live action in Commodore 64 hex code land. A table of sound chip data provides poetry-codes for machines, music for humans, sense for the senseless, stuff for space.

Gijs Gieskes in

Browser Visions

HTML, PHP, javascript or any other web based language can become an instrument to absorb online content. Web spiders, crawling throe websites, are manipulating those visions to the beat of music.

One Man Nation (aka Marc Chia) in

Total Digital Decapitation

Expectations through a fuzz pedal keeping all Data Pure. Coded in sound to bring out, bring back, put in, instill, install the visceral in the electronics.

Pixa Babel in

Utopias da formula secreta

Text operators are injecting their viruses in the interstices of our urban environments. The Babel virus mutating in each reply of those ping requests. How could we compile a language where we could understand each other in almost telepathic touch? Did you recognise my calligraphy on those walls and you can see that it came from yours? Vice-Versa? How urban environment could have a contagious touch with all those silent screaming thoughts, trying to organise a collective symptom that could break some walls, cross some border lines, build fluxus of a continuum and organic movement of the people, not marking territories with flags, but with fluid brain waves and their bodies creating language.

Remote Sphere

Simon Yuill in

*** START ***

Algorithm as Ideological Instrument

...looking at the use of software in the governance
of real world social infrastructures, drawing on
examples of actual software created for use in
disciplines such as school administration, urban
policing and military training... the broader
question of to what extent may algorithms
be expressions of ideological models, both as
representations of how social agents might
interact, or in implementing such models
in real world situations.

*** END ***

Isjtar in

Catatonic State Society

In the Catatonic State Society, all members live in a state of
reduced consciousness. Saccading their heads on spastic pulses or just
in plain inertia, they seem indifferent to perception. These
rhythmical units do interact however, they behave in surprising ways
towards one another. They move in and out of sync, form complex
superstructures to shift from texture to crystalline structures,
rhythmic pulses and back again.

Alex McLean in


Onomatopoeic words are rendering into sounds, functions are trasfomred into patterns.. Here goes the electronic eefing!

Glerm Soares in

MSST - Movimento dos Sem Satelite

Artisans of bits and volts, humanist poets, nomadic scientists - where are we going? I trust in the pulse of your steps, our revolution is the next second, and the constant challenge is not to surrender to the conformity of being entertained or entertaining: distracting the fact that we want to live beyond history, walls, banks, genetic similarity. We want an ecosystem that is worth of all this Prometheic pyrotechinic - this being, which is supposed to be Sapiens. Some intelligent symbiosis to keep this flame heating an harmonic environment. But, if today we still looking at some of us marching for a piece of land to survive or alienating their most creative instincts in a desperate search for exist inside a culture of self-destructive consumption, we have to ask: What's the role of those sheltered and fed in thinking about an autonomy in knowledge and information transmition for those efforts that wants revert this pulsion of humanity self-destructive greed? The conjecture of this manifesto is inside a function pointing to a cracking sparkle at the horizon: The day we will be able to build our first handmade satellite and send it to this sidereal space wich is already full of corporative and governamental devices. Will our satellite be able to transform our networks in something more autonomous? Or we have to re-think all technocracy to reach that by a tottaly different path? How?
We're more than technocracy guinea pigs!
Dreaming and dancing: the march of the Satelitteless..

Kiki Jaguaribe (aka Cristina Ekman) in

Sea Sound

"There is a sea inside me"


Environmental collaborative experimental poetry based on translocal repetition.