the quantum clock

_________time will never be the same

The Quantum Clock is a clock whose hands
change speed and behavior in reaction to the
environment and the spectator's presence.



Algomech. Sheffield. 8-12 Nov 2017.
Goldsmiths College. Dec 10-12 2013.
Bowarts Open Show. June 29 - July 14 2012.
Victoria & Albert Museum. June 26 2012.
QMedia Open Studios. May 25-27 2012.
Dorkbot76. Nov 29 2011.


This clock reminds us that reality depends
on the perspective of the observer and on
human-made measurement instruments.

The Quantum Clock uses arduino, one light
sensor, two proximity sensors, two piezos,
a speaker, a plastic glass and a PA.

Thanks to Andrew McPherson, MAT Cohort 3
and Queen Mary University of London.

(beware of your senses)

This work is dedicated to Werner Heisenberg.



Video interview at QMEDIA.
Bowarts video.
Pseudo-technical report.
Code repository.