an interstellar cloud of dust

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simple, repetitive, monotonic, soothing, hypnotic


open call for experimental noise industrial
electronic techno and procedural lullabies

Lullabies exist since antiquity in every culture and part of the world.
Their repetition induces variations in the brain state, favouring the transition between waking and sleep, or the oscillation in their liminal threshold, recalling a pre-human state, that of the uninformed existential field, the a-subjectivity (Deleuze, 1995) of the not yet human fluctuating in the womb, where sounds are muffled and scanned by the rhythms of the hearts, the two hearts temporarily connected into a single - almost supernatural - body.

Did it all explode at one time...Or, are the nebulae perpetually being formed from debris in space..? (Feynman 1999)

April 2016

we encourage the use of free open source software and diy open hardware
however, any technique implementing an interesting and original process
or new extravagant musical instruments will be accepted.

send your track to:
subject: experimental lullaby
deadline: 23 September 2014

BIO (max 50 words)
TECH (max 150 words)
FORMAT (flac/aif/wav)
LICENSE (preference *)

Please include source code and/or schematics where relevant.
Add max two pictures clarifying the process (ie signal flow and/or physical connections) and, eventually, one visual art work illustrating the track.


Growing in size and complexity ... living things, masses of atoms, DNA, protein ... dancing a pattern ever more intricate. Out of the cradle onto the dry land ... here it is standing ... atoms with consciousness ... matter with curiosity. Stands at the sea ... wonders at wondering ... a universe of atoms ... an atom in the universe. (Feynman 1999)

Newborns, it seems, are predisposed to noise music, specifically that of a fuzzy, warm, and liquid timbre. It's only later that we begin to favor harmony and melody. (Timoty Gabriele, 2011)

Listen to the Lullaby0, a present from Yves Degoyon which originated the idea of this call, Bailalice!

Deleuze. Pure Immanence. Essays on a life. 1995.
Feynman, Gottlieb, Leighton. Feynman's Tips on Physics. 1999.
Gabriele. The Science of Sleep: The Electronic Lullaby. Popmatters, 2011.

Nebulullaby Box, Sound Installation
Nebulullaby Box, Sound Installation.
London, Balfron Tower Open Studios.
21-22 September 2014. Photo by Lu Land.

This work is currently funded by Arts Council London