Killer TV, Imaginary Property and HTV-the_Ijsberg present:

The 33.000 Issue Launch

Undermining the borders between text and image, between private property and public space through the design of 'imaginary' advertisements and (ironically) deconstructing some of the basic conventions of a magazine, Imaginary Property is curating the 77 issue of HTV-De-IJsberg, investigating new fields of image-production beyond the hard-coded notions of the commercial versus the editorial.

January 31st 2009
Theatrum Anatomicum
Waag Society, Amsterdam

Doors Open at 14:30 (GMT +01)
Broadcast from 15

Join us on irc:
channels: #imp and #tm09salon

More on:
Skype: imp_agency
Landline: (+44) 020 3287 7674

15:00 - Lucas Evers - Welcome
15:05 - Eleonora Oreggia - Introduction
15:10 - Kim de Groot - HTV Issue: design concept and the Networked Image
15:20 - Dirk Vis - HTV De Ijsberg
15:20 - Florian Schneider - Imaginary Property and The Museum of the Stealing of Soul
15:40 - Lilia Perez - Politics of Touch
15:50 - Shaina Annand and Ashok Sukumaran - Padma (remote: Bombay)
16:00 - Mathias Jud - Picidae (remote: Berlin)
16:05 - Timo Klok - Pirates of the Amazons (remote: Rotterdam)
16:10 - Eleonora Oreggia - Virtual Entity and post-piracy
16:20 - Graham Harwood - Net Monster and the Digital Networked Image (remote:Berlin)
16:30 - Alterazioni Video - Copy No Copy (remote:Milan/NewYork)
Join us on irc to ask your questions, or call imp_agency via skype. Leave us your snail mail via Irc, we will send you a copy of the HTV paper at home!

The program will be mirrored and interactively connected to Critical Consumer Practice at Transmediale.

This event is a collaboration between:

HTV De IJsberg, a free bi-monthly arts paper based in Amsterdam.

KillerTV, a testbed, streaming laboratory and interactive television in progress, offering debate and presentations on a regular basis about digital culture and technological society.

Imaginary Property, a new research project of the Design department at Jan van Eyck Academie in Maastricht. Imp agency is set up as a realm of experimentation at the intersections of design-theory and image-production, and a laboratory where emerging concepts and terminologies are set to a series of tests.

Jan van Eyck Academie is an institute for research and production in the fields of fine art, design and theory, based in Maastricht in the south of The Netherlands.

Waag Society is a medialab based in Amsterdam that researching creative applications of technology for social innovation in the field of healthcare, arts & culture, education and the public domain.

Transmediale, the international festival for contemporary art and digital culture in Berlin.